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How To Ask Russian Woman For A Date?

At our inline dating website russian-lady.net we’ll share tips how to charm Russian woman and how to build successful relationship. We will help you to find your true love.


When the weather is excellent and you want to enjoy your holiday with a wonderful day, it’s time to go on a date. But, it’s somehow boring and lonely to walk along the beach or in the park. Every guy wants to have the right person near him who can share the joy of a good day. Therefore, if the guy is lonely, and at the same time has opportunities, he needs to invite Russian girl for a walk. How to do it right, so as not to get refused and spend the day alone?

A guy has to come with flowers on the first date. A beautiful bouquet will definitely raise the mood of your girlfriend and set her on a romantic mood. Chrysanthemums or other flowers will be the pleasant surprise for the girl. By the way, a girl who takes flowers from a guy always understands how much she is taken care of, and how important she is for the man.

First you need to understand how familiar you are to the girl you want to invite. If this is your first date with a girl, you should invite her face to face. Although, if you have got an acquainted on the Internet on the website russian-lady.net or on the phone, then you need to invite to a date with this means of communication.

Once upon a time in the past, the girls were invited by secret messages and notes. In our progressive age this method of invitation is irrelevant. Although, if the guy has a romantic soul, then this method will allow him to invite a girl to a meeting in such a romantic way. When writing a message or an invitation, try to make all the clarity of the text as much as possible. Specify the place, date, time. It would be nice to include in your message the name of the inviting party, in order to avoid the refusal. Having the necessary information, the girl will be able to decide whether she want to go for a date or not.

When you invite a girl to a date orally, the guy needs to make some efforts and fulfill his invitation in a beautiful form. This needs to be done so that the girl becomes interested and does not refuse you in your offer. The main thing is not to promise a girl what you can not do just to invite her to a date.

But if you have a date just decide where you walk, where to go or what to talk about. Places and topics for the first date is enough, most importantly, to become interested in a person, and learn something new and important about her. And do not forget that it depends on the first date – whether the second and third will take place, or still you will be limited to only with one meeting.

But, what if you are separated by distance? And here a question may arise, how to maintain this relationship? And it does not matter how and under what circumstances, you’ve met. Initially, you were residents of different cities, and maybe countries, or for other reasons you were at a distance from each other. The question is how to continue and how to maintain the relationship.

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Unfortunately such relationship is under constant risk, stress from the fact that you do not have the opportunity to embrace your loved one at any time, you can not spend your leisure together, or you can share all your joyful moments. And your communication is through the Internet, the phone. And no video call, no affectionate sms, husky in social networks, can not replace live communication, will not give the opportunity to fully feel the closeness of the person most dear to you. You begin to have suspicions about the loyalty of a loved one, there is a dubious prospect for such a relationship, there is no possibility of solving a weighty problem, you start to wean from each other. These are: waiting for the long-awaited meeting, each meeting, new experiences, more free time for yourself (because you do not have to waste your time on a partner), avoiding minor quarrels due to the emergence of various household trivia, you do not feel tired from each other.

To avoid this, from the outset, discuss the issue of your future together. Ask your partner about his plans, desires, goals. It is necessary to determine the status of your couple: you are friends, in love, engaged, or in general you have an open relationship. Talk to your partner about the possibility of moving one of you to another city, living together in the future, building a family.